Prince Edward Island

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099502Links to Your Canadian Past by Peter J. Gagné. Tome 1: Acadia and the Maritime Provinces. A comprehensive guide to genealogy and history Web sites for Canada. Contains brief, clear descriptions of thousands of sites. 247 pp, 6" x 9" format, soft-bound, indexed. ISBN: 1-58211-118-9. More Info.$22.95
097484Illustrated Historical Atlas of Prince Edward Island, 1880 (1973 reprint). Mika Publishing, Belleville, Ontario.$150.00
097632Place Names of Prince Edward Island With Meanings R. Douglas. Ottawa: 1925. 55 pages, spiral bound.$18.00
General History
00-301The Island Acadians. Georges Arsenault. 1999. Charlottetown, PEI. Ragweed Press. 296 pages, hardcover. Excellent and fine treatment of the Acadian presence on the Island from its first settlement in 1720 to the present. Particular attention is given to the period of the French Regime, Expulsion Period and the Transitional period of return after the Expulsion. A necessary read for anyone with Acadian ancestors on the Island. $19.95


The Arrival of the First Scottish Catholic Emigrants in Prince Edward Island - Memorial Volumes 1772-1922   (see requirements) (1922) , 127 pp, photos.
 The author recounts the first Catholic settlement on the Island. It tells of the trying circumstances that forced them to leave their native land and to come and seek homes on the Island.  Added to the volume is a List of Scottish Priests Who Have Laboured in Prince Edward Island from the Arrival of the Emigrants in 1772
097449History of Prince Edward Island by Duncan Campbell. (1875), 1972 reprint. Belleville, Ontario: Mika Publishing.$35.00
0961261Tenant League of Prince Edward Island 1864-1867 by Ian Ross Robertson. 1996. UTP. Soft cover. Presents, explains and places in context the history of the Tenant League of Prince Edward Island, an agrarian movement committed to use of direct action to end the system of leasehold land tenure which Great Britain had imposed upon the colony in 1767.$25.00
095936Land, Settlement and Politics on Eighteenth-Century Prince Edward Island by J. M. Bumsted. Montréal: McGill-Queens Univ Press, 1987. 238 pages, index, cloth bound. $29.95
When Prince Edward Island was finally handed over to the British in 1763, virtually the entire land surface of the island was turned over to private proprietors on the understanding that they would finance both settlement and administration of the territory. The proprietors did not fulfill their obligations, but did cling tenaciously to their privileges, ultimately becoming an anachronistic group of landlords - partly absentee - on a North American continent where freehold tenure was regarded as the norm. The colony the British government created at the behest of the proprietors did not flourish and merely existed on the fringes of British North America, but it did survive as an autonomous government to become the smallest (in both land area and population) of the provinces of Canada. Its early history, though often tangential to the larger dynamic of Canadian development, was a tumultuous and complicated one.
Off-Prints of the "Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada"
097283An Organization of the Scientific Investigation of the Indian Place-Nomenclature of the Maritime Provinces of Canada by William F. Ganong, M.A./Ph.D. 1911, 15 pages.$2.00
097268An Organization of the Scientific Investigation of the Indian Place Nomenclature of the Maritime Provinces of Canada by William F. Ganong, M.A./Ph.D. 1912, 22 pages.$3.00
097306An Organization of the Scientific Investigation of the Indian Place-Nomenclature of the Maritime Provinces of Canada, Third Paper by William F. Ganong, M.A./Ph.D. 1913, 26 pages.$4.00
097254A List of Trading Vessels in the Maritime Fur Trade, 1795-1804 by Judge F.W. Howay. 1931, 34 pages.$5.00

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