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All items are listed by locality and then by date of foundation. Localities are in bold and are followed by the name of the applicable religious institution.
Unless otherwise noted, all records are Catholic Church marriage records. See bottom of page for notes.

Item # Description Price
Roman Catholic Church Records
0961304a Genealogies of the Catholic Families of Aroostook County, Maine and the Catholic Diocese of Edmundston, New Brunswick . By Reverend Ernest Langlois. 4 Volumes, 2,336 pages. See below . $200.00
Contains the marriages of the Catholic Churches of the following Maine Towns:
Ashland, Benidicta, Caribou, Daigle, Eagle Lake, Fort Kent, Frenchville, Fort Fairfield, Houlton, Lille Limestone, Madawaska, Presque'Ile, Sheridan, St John, St David, St Francis, Ste Agathe, Van Buren and Wallagrass.
Also the following New Brunswick towns:
Aroostook, Baker Brook, Clair, Drummond, Edmundston, Grand Sault, Kedgewick, Lac Baker, Maliseet, Notre Dame de Lourdes, Plaster Rock, St-André; St-Jean-Baptiste, St-Basile, St-François, St-Hilaire, St-Jacques, St-Joseph, St Léonard, St-Quentin, St-Martin and Ste-Anne.



Acadian Genealogy and Notes by Placide Gaudet. 372 pages.1905. Ottawa  see description below. ( see requirements )
Placide Gaudet, undoubtedly the first widely-accepted expert in Acadian genealogy, presented his first genealogical work for publication in 1905 in the Canadian Archives annual report. Employed by the Public Archives of Canada, Gaudet devoted much time to gathering information about the Acadians. Information in this book has been gathered from public and private sources in Canada, the United States, France, and Britain. Many church and notarial records were either not found, damaged or incomplete. Nevertheless Gaudet compiled genealogies for more than 100 Acadian families. He had all good intentions of publishing a comprehensive "Tanguay-like" dictionary for the Acadian race. This publication never saw the light of day. Like many Acadian genealogical compilations, they are subject to conjecture, supposition and much deductive reasoning. In this fine example of scholarship, Gaudet does whet our appetite with the genealogies of 3 families: Bourgeois , Lanoue and Belliveau . In addition, there are substantial sections devoted to Acadians both in Canada and in the deported areas of the world.
General Reference
099502 Links to Your Canadian Past by Peter J. Gagné. Tome 1: Acadia and the Maritime Provinces . A comprehensive guide to genealogy and history Web sites for Canada. Contains brief, clear descriptions of thousands of sites. 247 pp, 6" x 9" format, soft-bound, indexed. ISBN: 1-58211-118-9. More Info . $22.95
Provincial History
097537 Life Aboard by Alan D. McNairn, 1988. 112 pages, 5 ½" x 8 ½", soft cover. NBM Publications. St John, New Brunswick. Contains the journal of William N. Smith, who sailed from Liverpool to St John on the Barque Susan in 1850. Typical of transatlantic voyages mid-century. $12.95
097635 Military Uniforms/Uniformes Militaires by David Ross. Bilingual edition , 1980. 88 pages, large format, soft cover, illustrations (some full color) and photographs. Contains many photos and illustrations of all types of military uniforms, both 18th and 19th century, relating to the province of New Brunswick. Essential work for this aspect of maritime or military history. $20.00
097474 New Brunswick with a Brief Outline of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island by Alexander Monro, Esq. 1855 (1972 reprint). Mika Publishing, Belleville, Ontario. $50.00


The History of Miscou and Shippegan by William Frances Ganong. 1946 (reprint), 92 pages, photos. $15.95
Genealogy and Family Genealogies
097452 Pioneer Profiles of New Brunswick Settlers by Charlotte Gourlay Robinson. Mika Publishing, Belleville, Ontario, 1980. $20.00
097540 Pioneers of Northwestern New Brunswick - John Baker and Wife Hannah and 175 Years of Descendants 1819-1994 by Linda M. Baker Fairley. 1994, 153 pages, 8 ½" x 11", soft cover, illustrated, photos. History and genealogy of this family. $32.95
Off-Prints of the "Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada"
097283 An Organization of the Scientific Investigation of the Indian Place-Nomenclature of the Maritime Provinces of Canada by William F. Ganong, M.A./Ph.D. 1911, 15 pages. $2.00
097268 An Organization of the Scientific Investigation of the Indian Place Nomenclature of the Maritime Provinces of Canada by William F. Ganong, M.A./Ph.D. 1912, 22 pages. $3.00
097306 An Organization of the Scientific Investigation of the Indian Place-Nomenclature of the Maritime Provinces of Canada, Third Paper by William F. Ganong, M.A./Ph.D. 1913, 26 pages. $4.00
097254 A List of Trading Vessels in the Maritime Fur Trade, 1795-1804 by Judge F.W. Howay. 1931, 34 pages. $5.00

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Abbreviations: B = Baptism; M = Marriage; S = Burial, A = Marginal notes found in the baptismal records; and R = Church census, which usually lists all person living within a family unit, and their ages.

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