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Since all of the titles offered through Genealogical's Local History Centre are custom produced for your order, we ask an average of 40 working days to fulfill each request. This time will allow us to produce a quality assured product for you. If you are in search of a genealogy not found on these pages please do not hesitate to ask us.  We have many sources and might be able to provide you with the product you desire. 

In several cases it is impossible to determine the accurate price for a genealogy because of a lack of bibliographic information. In general, these  books can run from 10 pages to more than 900 pages per volume. Such genealogies are priced with  "XXX". By ordering these items you agree to pay the per page cost of the volume(s) based upon the pricing structure as explained above.

  Every customer should review the policy and terms of Genealogical's Family History Centre 
before ordering any of the items below.


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Do you have any out-of-print genealogy books that you would like to loan us for photocopying purposes? We will give you a credit good for a book of comparable length. 

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