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2 CD Set

French-Canadian Marriage 
CD #1
: Contains 1,698,806 Individuals ; 81,311 Surnames   and 716,571 Marriages !! 
CD #2 : Contains 1,423,908 Individuals ; 65,807 Surnames and 565,725 Marriages !! 
By Jean-Guy Côté. 2000. Toronto. (For Jean-Guy's books on the Côté family please go here Description 


CD345 Dictionnaire des Noms de Baptême . Par G. Beleze. Paris. 1863. 489p. [Explanation of the history and origin of most French given names.]  (In French) $22.95



Dictionnaire de Droit et de Pratique Contenant l'explication des termes de droit, d'Ordonnances, de Coutumes & de Practique. Avec les Jurisdictions de France. par  Claude Joseph de Ferrière.  Nouvelle Edition, Revue, corrigée & augmentée. 2 volumes.1424pp . Paris. 1769. [good source of explanations of legal terms found in Québecois and French legal documents of the 18th and 19th centuries] (In French) $29.95


CD342 Dictionnaire Canadien-Français our Lexique-Glossaire des Mots, Expressions et Locutions... par Sylva Clapin. Montréal and Boston. 1894. 431pp. [Essential work for those studying  French-Canadian history or genealogy]   $29.95
CD344 Glossaire Franco-Canadien et Vocabulaire de Locutions Vicieuses Usitées au Canada. par Oscar Dunn. Québec. 1880. 224p [Essential work for those studying  French-Canadian history or genealogy] $19.95

Jesuit Relations


The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents. Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries in New France - 1610-1791. The Original French, Latin and Italian Texts, with English Translations and Notes; Illustrated by Portraits, Maps and Facsimiles.  Edited by Ruben Gold Thwaites, secretary of the Wisconsin Historical Society. 73 Volumes, approximately 21,000 pages. 1896. Burrows Brothers. Cleveland, Ohio.   2 CD-ROM set. 


Undoubtedly the best and only primary resource for information concerning early Canada, its settlers and Native peoples. This series was originally published in France in the 1600's in a serialized version and became wildly popular in France. Technically, each issue was an annual report sent by the Jesuit Missionaries to the mother house in Paris describing the state of affairs in Canada (New France). Each issue contained voluminous amounts of information about the early settlers and Native peoples (Iroquois, Huron etc)  serving to chronicle the only early written record of early French Canada. 
Original copies of these "Relations" as they were called are very rare and found only in the most well endowed libraries. It was not until the late 19th that this series became more readily available thanks to Ruben G. Thwaites who translated all known issues of these "Relations" and subsequently had them published by the Burrows Company of Cleveland, Ohio. They were published in a limited edition of only 700 copies. There are only 4 publicly available copies of this series in Rhode Island [University of Rhode Island, Providence College, Brown University (which also has original editions!) and the American French Genealogical Society].

Each volume contains the original text (written in Latin, Italian or French) with an English translation appearing on the opposite page. Each volume contains a series of notes which put much of the matter in historical context and are truly worthy of a book in itself. Also included in each volume is a bibliography for use in further research. Volumes 72 and 73 - the Indexes are extensive in scope and are included on each CD of this set.

Each volume is fully text searchable with the original text in the foreground. Please keep in mind that current OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software is not perfect. For best results use the indexes in Volumes 72 and 73 as well as the Adobe Search function.

Origin in France

Item #




La Conquête du Canada par les Normands - Biographie de la première génératio normande du Canada. Emile Vaillancourt, Ducharme, Montreal, 1930. 254 pages. Contains short biographies of those French Canadians who emigrated to New France  in the 17th century. (In French) ( see requirements )


Regional Genealogies


La Conquête du Canada par les Normands - Biographie de la première génératio normande du Canada. Emile Vaillancourt, Ducharme, Montreal, 1930. 254 pages. Contains short biographies of those French Canadians who emigrated to New France  in the 17th century.  (In French) ( see requirements ) $19.95


(Beauce, Dorchester, Frontenac) Recueil de Généalogies des comtés de Beauce, Dorchester, Frontenac: 1625-1946. by Rev. Eloi-Gérard Talbot. Ascending genealogies of all people married in the Catholic Churches of these three very old Québec counties. Available on CD-ROM only. 11 volumes, approximately 3,500 pages. CD-ROM version ( see requirements ).  Parish Listing . $59.95


(Bellechasse, Montmagny, L'Islet) Généalogie des Familles Originaires des Comtés de Bellechasse-Montmagny-l'Islet . By Rev. Éloi-Gérard Talbot. Compiled genealogies for all Catholic families who settled in these 3 counties, containing the marriage records of more than 50 different towns. 16 Volumes. 4,442 pages. CD-ROM version ( see requirements )   Parish Listing   $59.95


(Charlevoix-Saguenay) Charlevoix-Saguenay Recueil de Généalogies des comtés Charlevoix-Saguenay (1732-1970). By Rev. Éloi-Gérard Talbot. 6 volumes. 1,802 pages. CD Version only. See list of parishes. $49.95


(Richelieu River Region) Généalogies des Principales Familles du Richelieu. by G.-A. De Jordy, ptre. 1927 Arthabaska, QC.1997 Reprint. Quintin Publications. 2 volumes. 617 pages.  A great starting point if you have ancestors in this region. Contains ascending genealogies of those families listed below that settled these areas early on. Contains names of married couple along with year and place of marriage. Very important book for this area.  See Listing of Family Names.   CD-ROM version ( see requirements



(Terrebonne County) Généalogie des familles de Terrebonne depuis le 19 août 1727 au 31 déc 1872, 1793 et 1794 Raymond Masson. Montreal. Edtion Therrien, 1930-1931. St-Louis (1727-1872), St-François de Sales (Île Jésus) (1702-1805, 1847-1872), St-Charles de Lachenaie (1726-1791) and Ste-Rose (Île Jésus) (1745-1768). Baptisms, marriages and burials arraigned alphabetically by family. 4.volumes. 2488 pages $29.95

Tanguay and Drouin

Item #




Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Canadiennes by Rev Cyprien Tanguay. All seven volumes - more than 4,400 pages. Originally published between 1871-1890. Covers the period of French Canada from 1608 to approximately 1760. Perhaps the most-well known and oft-quoted source for French-Canadian genealogy. $79.95


Corrections and Additions to the Tanguay Dictionary by Leboeuf. More than 600 pages of corrections and additions to the 7-volume dictionary listed above.




Dictionnaire Nationale des Canadiens-Français . By the Institut Généalogique Drouin . Listings (by groom) for marriages from the origin of the colony until 1760. Parents' or previous spouses' names given for each entry, where known. This reference includes marriages that are not found in Tanguay or that are in conflict with information found in Tanguay. Cross-references for wife's parents' marriage. Lists known dit names. 1,352 pages. CD-ROM only . ..



Dictionnaire Historique Des Arts, Métiers et Professions Exercés dans Paris Depuis le Treizieme Siecle . Alfred Franklin Avec une Preface de M. E. Levasseur. Originally published in Paris in 1906. 884 pages CD ROM only. Fully text searchable   (In French) $19.95
Do not let the title mislead you. This encyclopedic work covers every possible trade and profession to be found in France (and French Canada by default) that is imaginable. Gives not only the definition of the trade or profession, which often changed over the centuries, but gives a synopsis of the laws [and there were many] regulating each profession. This is an indispensable tool when dealing with both Continental French and French Canadian documents. 

Conseil Souverain

Item #




Jugements et Déliberations du Conseil Souvérain de la Nouvelle-France . This council, composed of government functionaries, ecclesiastics, attorneys and 5 councillors acted as a supreme court of justice. It served an important administrative and political role in New France. Genealogically, it exercised the role of an appeals court for both civil and criminal matters. Many interesting facts concerning our ancestors can be found in this series of books. This series is in French. Québec, 6 Volumes: Volume 1 (1885) lxi; 1,084 pp; Volume 2 (1886) 1,142 pp; Volume 3 (1887) 1,163 pp; Volume 4 (1888) 1,194 pp; Volume 5 (1889) 1,110 pp; Volume 6 (1891) 1,276 pp. Plus Index $69.95

Notarial Records

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Inventaire des Contrats de Mariage du Régime Français Conservés aux Archives Judiciaires de Québec (6 volumes) and Inventaire des Testaments, Donations et Inventaires du Régime Français Conservés aux Archives Judiciaires de Québec (3 volumes). More than 2,700 pages with more than 21,000 notarial acts - over 50,000 persons mentioned. Each record mentions at least the names of the main participants, date of act, number of act and the name of the notary. A great percentage of the marriage contracts on this CD are not found on CD1 above. $39.95


Inventaire des Greffes des Notaires du Régime Française . More than 7,600 pages and more than 65,500 notarial records. Over 200,000 names. Each record includes: type of act (vente, inventaire, contrat de mariage, etc.), names of the participants, date of act, act number and the notary's name. Some volumes also contain additional genealogical information in footnote form. This allows the user to locate the proper notarial record and makes it very easy to request a copy from the Archives. See list of notaries below. $69.95

The following notaries are included on CD1: Antoine Adhemar (1668-1714); Severin Ameau (1651-1702); Claude Auber (1652-1693); Guillaume Audouart (1647-1663); Francois Badeau (1654-1657); Henry Bancheron (1646-1647); Guillaume Barette (1709-1744); Benigne Basset (1657-1699); Romain Becquet (1663-1682); Laurent Bermen (1647-1649); Jacques Bourdon (1677-1720); Hilaire Bourginie (1685-1690); Jean-Henry Bouron (1750-1760); Pierre Cabazie (1673-1693); Louis Chambalon (1692-1716); Raphael-Lambert Closse (1651-1656); Francois Comparet (1736-1755); Francois Coron (1721-1732); Jacques David (1719-1726); Charles-D. Desmarets (1753-1754); Pierre Duquet (1663-1687); Michel Fillion (1660-1688); Jean-Baptiste Fleuricourt (1676-1702); Thomas Frerot (1669-1678); Rene Gaschet (1711-1743); Nicolas Gatineau (1650-1653); Charles Rene Gaudron de Chevremont (1732-1739); Francois Genaple (1682-1709); Jean Gloria (1663-1664); Rolland Godet (1652-1653); Jacques Gourdeau de Beaulieu (1162-1663); Nicolas-Augustin Guillet de Chaumont (1727-1752); Jean Guitet (1637-1638); Claude Herlin (1659-1663); Etienne Jacob (1680-1726); Joseph Jacob (1726-1748); Etienne Janneau (1691-1743); Jen-Baptiste Janvrin Dufresne (1733-1750); Hilaire-Bernard La Riviere (1701-1725); Jean Lecomte (1668); Claude Lecoustre (1647-1648); Francois Lepailleur (1733-1739); Jean de Lesppinasse (1637); Jean-Claude Louet (1718-1737); Claude Maugue (1674-1696); Nicolas Metru (1678-1700); Abel Michon (1709-1749); Michel Moreau (1681-1698); Nicolas Mouchy (1664-1667); Jean-Baptiste Peuvret de Mesnu (1653-1659); Philippe-P. Pilliamet (1755-1758); Marital Piraude (1639-1645); C.J. Porlier (1733-1744); Jean-Baptiste Pottier (1686-1711); Gilles Rageot (1666-1692); Jos Charles Raimbault (1727-1737); Louis Rouer de Villeray (1653-1656); Pierre Rousselot (1738-1756); Jean de Saint Pere (1648-1657); Simon Sanguinet (1734-1747); Nicolas Senet (1704-1731); Andre Souste (1745-1769); Marien Tailhandier (1688-1731); Jean-Baptiste Tetro (1712-1728); Guillaume Tronquet (1643-1648); Paul Vachon (1658-1693); Barthelemy Verreau (1711-1718).


Champlain area: Daniel Normandin (1686-1729), Joseph Rouillard (1731-1764). 446 pages. ( see requirements ) $19.95

Geographical Dictionaries and Gazetteers

Item #


CD99 Lovell's Gazetteer of British North America . Lovell, Montréal, 1895. 703 pages. Listing of place names of Canada including towns, villages, lakes, rivers, mountains, cities, along with exhaustive route maps of  railroad and steamship lines within or serving Canada. Most town and village entries include population, number of business (sometimes the type), number of churches, schools, etc. $29.95


  Dictionnaire Universel de la France , Contenant la description Géographiques & Historiques des Provinces, Villes, Bourgs & Lieux remarquables du Royaume; l'Etat de sa Population actuelle, de son Clergé, de ses Troupes, de sa Marine, de ses Finances, de ses Tribunaux, & des autres parties du Government: Ensemble l'Abrégé de l'Histoire de France, divisée sous les trois races de nos Rois; des Détails circonstanciés sur les Productions du sol, l'Industrie & le Commerce des Habitants; sur les Dignités & les grandes Charges de l'etat; sur les Offices de Judicature & Emplois Militaires; ainsi que sur ceux de toutes les autres branches de l'Administration. Avec un grand nombre de Tables, qui rassemblent, sous un même coup d'oeuil , les divers districts ou arrondissemens du Gouvernement Ecclésiastique, Civil & Militaire. By Robert De Hesseln, Paris, 1771, 6 vols. 4,065 pages (In French)


Without doubt, the finest geographical dictionary of the Ancient Kingdom of France printed before the French Revolution. Complete listing of all towns, villages, bourgs, arrondisements and provinces. No location seems to have been omitted. Each entry gives its location which might include: arrondisement, diocese, or province. Some historical facts are usually given along with the location's population. Large sections are devoted to such things as the royal household [which includes how many royal genealogists must travel with the King!], the three Royal houses of France, Clergy, Dioceses, the Military, along with pay rates. This multi volume dictionary gives the reader a myriad of facts about 17th and 18th Century France. This is a basic reference work for any genealogist or historian dealing with France, French Canada.

CD332 Dictionnaire Topographique du Départment des Hautes-Alpes comprenant les noms de lieu anciens et modernes. Rédigé par M. J. Roman. Paris, Imprimerie Nationale. 1884. 279p (In French) $24.95
CD337 Dictionnaire Topographique du Départment de L'Aube comprenant les noms de lieu anciens et modernes. Rédigé par MM. Théophile Boutiot et Émile Socard. Paris, Imprimerie Nationale. 1874. 304p (In French) $24.95
CD336 Dictionnaire Topographique du Départment de La Dorgogne comprenant les noms de lieu anciens et modernes. Rédigé par M Le Vte De Gourgues.  Paris, Imprimerie Nationale. 1873. 483p (In French) $24.95
CD340 Dictionnaire Topographique du Départment de la Drôme comprenant les noms de lieu anciens et modernes. Rédigé par J. Brun-Durand. Paris, Imprimerie Nationale. 1891. 589p (In French) $24.95
CD335 Dictionnaire Topographique du Départment de l'Eure comprenant les noms de lieu anciens et modernes. Rédigé par M Le Marquis de Blosseville. Paris, Imprimerie Nationale. 1877. 327p (In French) $24.95
CD338 Dictionnaire Topographique du Départment de la Haute-Loire comprenant les noms de lieu anciens et modernes. Rédigé par M Augustin Chassaing et M. Antoine Jacotin. Paris, Imprimerie Nationale. 1907. 307p (In French) $24.95
CD341 Dictionnaire Topographique du Départment de la Marne comprenant les noms de lieu anciens et modernes. Rédigé par M. Auguste Longnon. Paris, Imprimerie Nationale. 1891. 475p (In French) $24.95
CD334 Dictionnaire Topographique du Départment de la Meuse comprenant les noms de lieu anciens et modernes. Rédigé par M. Félix Liénard. Paris, Imprimerie Nationale. 1872. 348p (In French) $24.95
CD339 Dictionnaire Topographique du Départment du Morbihan comprenant les noms de lieu anciens et modernes. Rédigé par M. Rosenzweig. Paris, Imprimerie Nationale. 1870. 373p (In French) $24.95
CD333 Dictionnaire Topographique du Départment de la Moselle comprenant les noms de lieu anciens et modernes. Rédigé par M. De Boutheiller. Paris, Imprimerie Nationale. 1874. 379p (In French) $24.95

Military Dictionaries

Item #




Military Dictionary (Advance Edition) Part 1: English-French, Part 2: French-English . USGPO, Washington. D.C. 1943, 818 pages. $19.95

Originally published for use by American Forces during the invasion of Europe this exhaustive dictionary provides a translation of terms you are likely to find while researching in the military records of both the US, French-Canada and France itself. This is likely to be a valuable reference tool for all serious genealogists and historians. 


Item # Description Price


Le Guide Français de la Nouvelle - Angleterre et de L'etat de New-York.   Deuxieme Edition.  689 pages.  First printed by La Société de Publications Français des Etats-Unis, 1889-1890, Lowell, Mass.  ( see requirements ) $19.95

Great resource for the New England and New York Franco-American community. Numerous adds provide great potential "clip art" as well as information. This interesting volume is divided geographically and lists the Franco-American businessmen and property owners of the time. Lists name, address and occupation for those listed. Gives a great overview of the community at this time.

Family Histories

Item #




Bédard  Généalogie des Familles Bédard. By Omer Bédard. Québec, 1947. 653 pages.   ( see requirements ) $29.95

Côté . The Côtés of North America. A Research Guide for the Descendants of Jean Côté and Anne Martin/Les Côtés de L 'Amérique du nord. Un guide de recherches pour les descendants de Jean Côté et Anne Martin. By Jan-Guy Côté. 2000. Toronto, Ontario, 285 pages, spiral bound. This CD-ROM uses your web browser as its reading program . Contains short history of original family and an indexed listing of nearly 8,000 Côté descendants of this couple. Very useful item.



De Jordy de Cabanac : LHistoire d'une Ancienne Famille Noble du Canada. Les De Jordy de Cabanac. Elie J. Auclair, ptre. 1930, 281 pp,  ( see requirements )



Gagné-Bellavance: Association des Familles Gagné dit Bellavance. 1951-1971, 40 separate issues. Believe to be complete. Mostly genealogical familiy groupings of the Gagné family. 61pages. I n French.       ( see requirements ) $19.95


Haché-Gallant : Michel Haché-Gallant et ses Descendents, Tome 1. Patrice Gallant. Rimouski, 1958, 114 pages,  ( see requirements ) $14.95

Janelle La Famille Janelle, Histoire et Généalogie. L’abbé Elphege J. B. Janelle. Drummondville. 1928



Lavoie : La Famille Lavoie au Canada. De 1650 a 1921. Joseph A-Lavoie. 1922, Québec, 416 pages,  ( see requirements )



Phaneuf : La Famille Phaneuf-Farnsworth. F. Elie. 1915, Montreal. 265 pages.  ( see requirements )



Pozer : Les Seigneurs et Premiers Censitaires de St-George-Beauce et La Famille Pozer.  P. Angers. 1927, Beauceville. 98 pages.  ( see requirements )



Item #




French-Canadian and Acadian Genealogical Review. Volumes 1-9 as issued.  Edited by Roland Auger.  see description below. ( see requirements )

Complete set of this long out of print series written by a variety of authors well versed in French-Canadian and Acadian genealogists. This series was written entirely in English for the American and English-Canadian speaking audiences. Much useful genealogical information can be found in this series.


Acadian Genealogy and Notes by Placide Gaudet. 372 pages.1905. Ottawa.  ( see requirements ) $19.95

Placide Gaudet, undoubtedly the first widely-accepted expert in Acadian genealogy, presented his first genealogical work for publication in 1905 in the Canadian Archives annual report. Employed by the Public Archives of Canada, Gaudet devoted much time to gathering information about the Acadians. Information in this book has been gathered from public and private sources in Canada, the United States, France, and Britain. Many church and notarial records were either not found, damaged or incomplete. Nevertheless Gaudet compiled genealogies for more than 100 Acadian families. He had all good intentions of publishing a comprehensive "Tanguay-like" dictionary for the Acadian race. This publication never saw the light of day. Like many Acadian genealogical compilations, they are subject to conjecture, supposition and much deductive reasoning. In this fine example of scholarship, Gaudet does whet our appetite with the genealogies of 3 families: Bourgeois , Lanoue and Belliveau . In addition, there are substantial sections devoted to Acadians both in Canada and in the deported areas of the world.

Metis and First Nations

Item #




French-Canadians of the West:  by Peter J. Gagné . 649 biographies (all 3 printed volumes in one) 65 photos & illustrations - 5 bonus images. Index, footnotes, glossary - all fully cross-linked. See biography lists . (Available now)  



Indian Captivity: Contains the following volumes:
     New England Captives Carried to Canada Between 1677 and 1760 During the French and Indian Wars . Emma Lewis Coleman, 2 vols, 1925, Portland, Maine. 

     True Stories of the New England Captives Carried to Canada During the Old French and Indian Wars . C. Alice Baker. 1897, Cambridge, Massachusetts

     Narratives of Captivity Among the Indians of North America , 2 volumes, Newberry Library, Chicago, Illinois ( see requirements )



Handbook of Indians of Canada Published as an appendix to the Tenth Report of the Geographic Board of Canada, Sessional Paper No. 21a. 632 pages, 1912. ISBN: 1-58211-054-9. Description below. $29.95

During the early exploration and settlement of North America, multitudes of Indian tribes were encountered, having diverse customs and languages. Lack of knowledge of the aborigines and of their languages led to many curious errors on the part of the early explorers and settlers: names were applied to the Indians that had no relation whatever to their aboriginal names; sometimes nicknames were bestowed, owning perhaps to personal characteristics, fancied or real… Consequently, in the literature relating to the American Indians, thousands of such names are recorded the significance and application of which are to be understood only after much study.

This handbook is an outgrowth of the need for a comprehensive work on the subject of Canadian Indians. Only tribes residing wholly, or in part, in Canada are treated in this publication. Its aim is to give a brief description of every linguistic stock, confederacy, tribe, sub tribe or tribal division, and settlement known to history or even to tradition, as well as the origin and derivation of every name treated whenever such is known, and to records under each every form of the name and every other appellation that could be learned. These synonyms, in alphabetic order, are assembled as cross-references in Appendix III.

Under the tribal description one finds a brief account of the ethnic relations of the tribe, its history, its location at various periods, statistics of population, etc., are included. Accompanying each synonym (the earliest known date always being given) a reference to the authority is noted, and these references form practically a bibliography of the tribe for those who desire to pursue the subject further.

Ontario Province

Item #


0961084CD (Glengarry County) All Catholic Churches.
( see requirements


(Stormont County)  All Catholic Churches 
( see requirements

Minimum Requirements Each CD-ROM contains its own reading software [Adobe® Acrobat Reader]  and is compatible for MAC, Windows 3.1®, Windows 95®, Windows 98®, WindowsME®, and Windows2000® users. The pages of these books are recorded as graphic images, [some are indexed by page number and name but most are in alphabetical order.] The user can access virtually any page with a simple mouse- click and can scroll from page to page, forward, backwards etc. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS-IBM: 386 or higher, MS-DOS, Windows 3.1 or higher; a CD-ROM drive, at least 8mb of RAM and at least 4mb of disk space on the hard drive. Any MAC computer that has Acrobat Reader installed [free download ] can read all Quintin Publications CD-ROMs. Need help ?  

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