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098311 A Canadian Directory for Genealogists by Louise St Denis. A nationwide listing of archives, family associations, genealogical historical and heraldry groups, certification groups, family history centers, lecturers, magazines, researchers, vendors and other groups and individuals that can help in genealogical research. All entries listed alphabetically by subject and cross-referenced by province. Kind of like a yellow pages for Canadian genealogy. 473 pages, soft cover 1998, Heritage Productions. $24.00
CD99 Lovell's Gazetteer of British North America. Lovell, Montréal, 1895, 703 pages. Listing of place names of Canada including towns, villages, lakes, rivers, mountains, cities, along with exhaustive route maps of  railroad and steamship lines within or serving Canada. Most town and village entries include population, number of business (sometimes the type), number of churches, schools, etc. $29.95
095497 A History of Transportation in Canada, Volume 1 by G. P. De T. Glazebrook,  Toronto, 1964 (reprint of 1938 edition), xiv + 191 pages, paper . The standard work on this subject. Covers the time period from the French Regime to the first railways.


099502 Links to Your Canadian Past.  Tome 1: Acadia and the Maritimes by Peter J. Gagné.  247 pages, 6x9" format, soft-bound, indexed. ISBN: 1-58211-118-9. A meticulously researched guide to history and genealogy Web sites for Acadia and the Maritime Provinces.  Organized by topic, with a concise description of each site personally visited by the author.  More info. $22.95
099500 Links to Your Canadian Past Tome 2: Québec and French-Canadian Resources by Peter J. Gagné. A comprehensive guide to genealogy & history Web sites for Canada. Contains brief, clear descriptions of thousands of sites. 279 pp, 6x9" format, soft-bound, indexed, ISBN: 1-58211-119-7. More Info. $22.95
099501 Links to Your Canadian Past Tome 3: Ontario and the Canadian West by Peter J. Gagné.  A comprehensive guide to genealogy and history Web sites for Canada. Contains brief, clear descriptions of thousands of sites. 295 pages, 6x9" format, soft-bound, indexed. ISBN: 1-58211-120-0. More Info. $22.95
099500a Special Offer: Complete set of all three volumes of Links to Your Canadian Past - You save $6.00. $62.85
097533 Register of German Military Men Who Remained in Canada After the American Revolution by Johannes Helmut Merz.  1993, 186 pages, 8½ x 11", spiral bound, Hamilton, Ontario. Contains an alphabetical listing of those who stayed in Canada along with sources for all information. $29.95
097625 Militiamen who Applied for Pensions in 1875 in Canada (Shewing Names, Ages and Places of Residence of all Militiamen of 1812-1813, Who Have Applied to the Imperial Government, Through the Department of Militia and Defence, for a Pension or Indemnity; in Reply Top an Address of the House of Commons of the 8th February, 1875). 15 pages, 8½ x 11", spiral bound. A listing of all men who applied for a pension. Each entry includes name, age, place of residence, observations and remarks, which often include their pension sponsor. $5.95
097612 Officers of the British Forces in Canada During the War of 1812-1815 by L. Homfray Irving. 1908 (reprint), 309 pages, 6x9", soft bound. Includes the names, ranks, engagement histories, discharges and numerous footnotes of hundreds of officers (both French and English) who took part in this action. Includes officers of militia in booth Upper Canada (Ontario) and Lower Canada (Québec). Other areas covered are the Provincial Marine, Indian Department including Indian Militia, Royal Navy (lists ships, engagements, officers, mates), Garrisons, Rations & Forage, Pay, Uniforms and Arms. $28.95
097428 Battlefields of Canada by Mary Beacock Fryer. 1986, 273 pages, 6x9", soft cover, illustrations, maps, index. Encompasses nearly 300 years of history and features 16 of the most significant Canadian battles, as well as some of the most comic or bizarre. Profusely illustrated with sketches, photographs and detailed maps, each chapter sets the context of the battle in terms of the struggle of which it was part and describes the hour-by-hour events. A brief conclusion to each chapter assesses the consequences for the victors and the losers, assigning the battle its place in Canadian history. $22.00
097092 Canadian Iroquois and the Seven Years War by D. Peter MacLeod. 1996, Dundurn Press, Toronto, 247 pages, cloth bound, maps, illustrations, index. Highlights the participation of the Iroquois of Akwesasne, Kanesetake (Oka) Kahnawake and Oswegatchie in the Seven Years War. This book looks at the social and economic impact of the war on both men and women in Canadian Iroquois communities. It deals with each individual campaign as Amerindians and Frenchmen conducted "parallel warfare," each group holding to its particular military practices and aspirations. Since goals frequently conflicted, the war was as notable for cultural conflict with the French as for military engagements with the British. $29.95

Dictionary of Canadian Biography
Will be complete in 24 volumes. Published volumes cover the period 1000-1900. An historical survey through individual biographical entries, arranged chronologically, based on death dates for each individual Biographies list the most important sources used by each author. Indexes: occupation, birthplace, places of activity, name.

English Version Version Française
097553 Volume 1 (1000-1710) $75.00 097564 Tôme 1 (1000-1710) $75.00
097554 Volume 2 (1710-1740) $75.00 097565 Tôme 2 (1710-1740) $75.00
097555 Volume 3 (1741-1770) $75.00 097566 Tôme 3 (1741-1770) $75.00
097556 Volume 4 (1771-1800) $75.00 097567 Tôme 4 (1771-1800) $75.00
097557 Volume 5 (1801-1820) $75.00 097568 Tôme 5 (1801-1820) $75.00
097558 Volume 6 (1821-1835) $75.00 097569 Tôme 6 (1821-1835) $75.00
097559 Volume 7 (1836-1850) $75.00 097570 Tôme 7 (1836-1850) $75.00
097560 Volume 8 (1861-1870) $75.00 097571 Tôme 8 (1861-1870) $75.00
097561 Volume 9 (1871-1880) $75.00 097572 Tôme 9 (1871-1880) $75.00
097562 Volume 10 (1881-1890) $75.00 097573 Tôme 10 (1881-1890) $75.00
097563 Set, Volumes 1-10 $675.00 097574 Lot, Tômes 1-10 $675.00

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