Bagot County

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All items are listed by locality and then by date of foundation. Localities are in bold and are followed by the name of the applicable religious institution. Unless otherwise noted, all records are Catholic Church marriage records. See bottom of page for notes.

095437aSaint-Damase: St-Damase, (M) [St-Hyacinthe County] (1823-1967), Ste-Madeleine: Ste-Marie-Madeleine, (M) [St-Hyacinthe County] (1876-1967), St-Pie: St-Pie, (M)  (1830-1967) 386 pages. See St-Hyacinthe County also/voir Comté St-Hyacinthe aussi$39.00


Same as above - CD ROM version (see requirements)$19.95
095340aSt-Hughes: St-Hughes, (M) (1827-1968), St-Théodore-d'Acton: St-Théodore, (M) (1842-1968), Ste-Hélène-de-Bagot: Ste-Helene, (M) (1854-1968), Upton: St-Ephrem, (M) (1856-1968), Acton Vale: St-André-d'Acton, (M) (1859-1968), Ste-Christine: Ste-Christine, (M) (1886-1968) St-Nazaire-d'Acton: St-Nazaire, (M) (1890-1968). 375 pages.$37.00
095340Same as above - microfiche version.$12.95


Same as above - CD ROM version (see requirements)$19.95
095338aSt-Simon: St-Simon, (M) (1833-1968), Ste-Rosalie: St-Rosalie, (M) (1834-1968), St-Dominique: St-Dominique, (M) (1837-1968), St-Liboire: St-Liboire, (M) (1859-1968). 264 pages.$26.00


Same as above - CD ROM version (see requirements)$19.95
095338Same as above - microfiche version.$8.95

Do you have a book about Bagot county that you want to publish? We are looking for authors. Do you have a microfilm and/or microfiche reader and would like to help extract Census records for this county? Please contact us.

Abbreviations: B = Baptism; M = Marriage; S = Burial, A = Marginal notes found in the baptismal records; and R = Church census, which usually lists all person living within a family unit, and their ages.

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