Acadian History

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097585 Lieux et Monuments Historiques de l'Acadie in French by Fernand de Varennes. 1987, 244 pages, 6" x 9", soft cover, profusely illustrated, photos, maps, indexed. An indispensable book for those of Acadian ancestry or those who are planning to visit Atlantic Canada. The book is divided into 10 separate recommended tours of the Maritimes, including route numbers, etc. All monuments, buildings, museums and churches of Acadian interest are noted, almost always with an accompanying photo and historical explanation. $15.95
097587 L'Acadie: Histoire des Acadiens du XVIIe Siècle à Nos Jours in French by Yves Cazaux. 476 pages, 6" x 9", soft cover. The history of the Acadians up to the "Grand Dérangement". $40.00
095857 The Contexts of Acadian History 1686-1784 by Naomi E.S. Griffiths. 137 pages, paperback. This is the first study to connect the Acadian experience with the heritage of ideas the migrants brought with them from Europe - of the Acadian community, and the ways in which the Acadians differed from the people of New England and New France. One result of the war between England and France for the domination of much of North America was the deportation of the Acadians from their homeland in 1755. Griffiths examines the implications of this deportation for the survival of the Acadian community. $18.95
0961144Q The True Story of the Acadians by Dudley J. LeBlanc. (1937), 1996 reprint. viii; 256 pages, errata, table of contents, numerous photos, maps, illustrations & lists. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2" soft cover.
One of the finest popularly-written histories of what really happened to the Acadians. Chapters titles are: Origin of the Name; Early Settlement of Acadia; The Growth of Population; The Acadian People; Acadia Ceded to England; Acadians Refuse to Take Oath; Treachery of the British; War - Acadian True to Oath; Religion; Deportation Planned; Acts of Unbelievable Cruelty to Acadians; Plans for the Exile; Persecution of the Acadians Prior to the Exile; Imprisonment, Deportation; Population of Acadia at Time of Exile; The Destruction, The Desolation, The Man Chase; Adrift on the Sea; Exile - Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Georgia; Exile Continued - Carolinas, Connecticut, New York, Maryland; Exile Continues after 1755; Fugitives From Nova Scotia; Did the British King and British Governmental Authorities in London Order the Acadian Exile?; Nova Scotia Acadians; General Conditions; From Maryland to Louisiana; Early History of Louisiana - The Acadians; Acadians Under Spanish Rule; The Effects of Acadian Exile on the American Revolutionary War; Acadians who participated in the Revolutionary War; The Acadians - As American Citizens - War Between the States; Acadians - Builders of Louisiana; Acadian Faith, Language; Acadian Pilgrimages in Nova Scotia - in Louisiana; Louisiana Always French; The Acadian Miracle.
097517 The History of Acadia From its First Discovery to its Surrender to England by the Treaty of Paris by James Hannay. 447 pages, soft bound, 6" x 9". 

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It is difficult enough to write a book once, but this author had to write his book twice. Half of his printed volume and most of his manuscript was burned in the 1877 fire at St. John, New Brunswick and he had to start all over again. The entire book is devoted to the French history of Acadia and -being written by an Englishman- is minus its normal bias. Chapter headings include: Early voyages to the Northern Parts of America; the Aborigines of Acadia; Champlain's Discoveries and the Island of Ste-Croix; The Colony at Port Royal; Poutrincourt's Colony; Sir William Alexander and the Latour; Isaac de Razilly's Colony; Civil War in Acadia; The Sieges and Capture of Fort La Tour; The Death of Charnisay; LaTour Returns to Acadia; The English in Acadia; From Grand-Fontaine to Menneval; Villebon on the St.John; The Capture of Port Royal; The Acadian People; The English at Annapolis; The Capture of Louisbourg; The Capitulation at Grand-Pre; La Loutre and His Work; The Fall of Beausejour; The Expulsion of the Acadians The Seven Year's War; The Treaty of Paris.
097642 A Short History of Annapolis Royal, The Port Royal of the French, From its Settlement in 1604 to the Withdrawal of the British Troops in 1854 by W.M. MacVicar. 1897 (reprint), 128 pages, 1 folding map, soft-bound. Interesting history concentrating on the Acadian settlement and the many attacks on it by the English leading to the Expulsion in 1755. $14.95
Vie de Nos Ancêtres en Acadie Series
"Life of Our Ancestors in Acadia" Series
This series is written in French but is profusely illustrated and written in non-technical French, making it understandable without a vast knowledge of French. Each booklet contains between 32 and 60 pages, 11" x 7", self cover. All contain many drawings, illustrations, and photos. This is an important series leading to a greater knowledge of just how our ancestors lived.
097576 L'Alimentation (food). $6.95
097578 Le vêtement (clothing). $6.95
097579 L'hygiène et la santé (hygiene and health). $6.95
097580 La forêt et ses occupations (the forest & lumber industry). $6.95
097581 L'Agriculture (farming). $6.95
097582 La pèche (fishing). $6.95
097583 Coutumes, croyances et religion populaire (customs, beliefs & religion). $6.95
Local Histories

Prince Edward Island

00-300 Historical Guidebook of the Evangeline Region. Prince Edward Island Canada. Georges Arsenault. 1998. Charlottetown, PEI. Ragweed Press. 48 pages. Cultural and Genealogical History of this "Acadian" area of PEI. Includes both the cultural and genealogical history of the Acadians presently settled in Lots 14, 15 and 16 on PEI.  Gives thumbnail view of each Acadian Settlement as well as a genealogical history of the families settled there. Many photos enhance the value of this fine work $9.95
00-301 The Island Acadians. Georges Arsenault. 1999. Charlottetown, PEI. Ragweed Press. 296 pages, hardcover. Excellent and fine treatment of the Acadian presence on the Island from its first settlement in 1720 to the present. Particular attention is given to the period of the French Regime, Expulsion Period and the Transitional period of return after the Expulsion. A necessary read for anyone with Acadian ancestors on the Island.  $19.95

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Abbreviations: B = Baptism; M = Marriage; S = Burial, A = Marginal notes found in the baptismal records; and R = Church census, which usually lists all person living within a family unit, and their ages.

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